Back from Pakistan

Greetings I just arrived back from several weeks in Pakistan on a very memorable trip. I was able to source some new rugs and get caught up with the weavers and the rug producers. I expect my first shipment or rugs to arrive in two weeks with more to follow latter. If you are interested,…


Beware of the con of the “fake” tufted rug

Beware of “fake” tufted rugs. These rugs may look ok from the front but they are simply held together with glue (and often they smell of glue). These are not hand knotted rugs but they are often portrayed in vague and misleading terms like “handcrafted” or “hand tufted”. These rugs typically fall apart after a…

In Pakistan

Greetings from Pakistan

I am currently in the historic city of Lahore, Pakistan sourcing rugs and textiles. My trip so far has been an absolute success! The quality of weaving that I am finding is wonderful and innovative and I am making new friends and meeting old friends. I will be back next week and the new inventory…


Great batch of new Mamluk rugs in stock.

We just received a nice batch of beautiful Mamluk rugs. These thick and wonderful rugs are made in India. We received all sizes from 2×3 up to 9×12 as well as runners. Stop by to check them out. These rugs don’t last! Thanks, Chris




Chico the Shop Dog

Just wanted to share this great shot of Chico, Nomad Rugs’ shop dog extraordinaire!

Almost twelve years old now, he’s been coming to the shop within me since I adopted him at 6 months old.

Thanks for looking. Chris

Chico at Nomad Rugs


After Eight Years New York Shows the Rugs!

After Eight Years New York Shows the Rugs! The Met is a great museum. And it has just gotten better! They just opened their totally redone “Arts of the Islamic World” gallery. It used to be that whenever I travelled to New York, I would wander into the Met to view the spectacular rugs they…


Impressions on Visiting the Kilims

Tuesday I made it over to the De Young museum to see the kilim show that I had been eagerly awaiting. Wow! For years, I have admired these kilims from the photographs in the book, Anatolian kilims. But to see them “live and in person” is a completely different experience. My first impression was of how…


Epic Kilim Exhibit at the SF DeYoung Museum

Woo hoo! The day has come! The kilims are going to be exhibited! Did you know that San Francisco’s De Young Museum has what is arguably the most important collection of Anatolian kilims outside of Turkey? Early, beautiful, stunning, colorful, wonderful, important kilims! Yes, this is true! And I have often lamented that these kilims are…


Tinariwen’s newest album “Tassili” is sublime!

Occasionally I use this blog to plug things unrelated to Rugs and now is one of those times. I just downloaded the newest album from Tinariwen, named “Tassili“, from iTunes. It is absolutely sublime! If you stop by Nomad Rugs within the next couple of months, I am sure you will hear this album playing…

Woven Structures by Marla Mallett

Marla Mallett’s “Woven Structures” Back in Print!

Extra! Extra! For all you rug-geeks and kilim-ophiles (and I consider myself both), order a copy of Marla Mallett’s “Woven Structures”! Although this book is not really for those new to rugs and kilims, it is great for those with some knowledge who would like to deepen their understanding. This book, as its title suggests,…


Turkish Kilim Pillows are Stuffed

I just got my Turkish Kiilm pillows back from Cushion Works. They are now stuffed and ready for a spot on your couch or chair. Or… if you are like me, you can use them for lounging on the floor while lying on your beautiful rug. hee hee Anyway, these newest pillows are all made from…


Tea and Carpets Interviews Nomad Rugs

I was recently interviewed by Charles Recknagel for his Tea and Carpets Blog. He was curious of my impressions of Turkey and the Turkish rug market after my recent trip there. His informative article can be found here. Thanks Charles for another well written post! One fascinating aspect of this interview is that Charles called…


In the Presence of Seljuks

Every trip I make to Istanbul, I insist on visiting the Seljuks. Who are the Seljuks?…. Carpets, of course. The Seljuks that I visit are the 12th Century carpets in the beautiful Turkish and Islamic Art Museum. The Seljuk Empire ruled over Anatolia (modern Turkey) from around the 11th century to the 13th century. The…


Tasty Batch of Mogoli Kilims Fresh from the Oven

Get ’em while their hot! These Mogoli kilims have long been a favorite at Nomad Rugs. In fact, I have trouble keeping these rugs in stock. These kilims are woven in Afghanistan by the “Mogol” people from the Northern province of Baghlan. Only natural vegetal dyes and all handspun wool is used in these superior…

Tulu Rug

Tulu Rugs of Turkey

Tulu rugs (pronounced “two-lou”) are wonderful thick shaggy silky modern/tribal rugs! They are hard to classify. They are not really “modern” rugs but they look very modern. In fact, this style of rug is thought to be the predecessor of all knotted pile rugs. But they are not really “tribal” rugs either although they also…


Travels in Turkey

Turkey is a wonderful country! We returned recently from a fabulous buying trip in Turkey. Our new inventory from this trip is arriving this week. Keep posted as I will start uploading new images online soon. In the meantime, check out some of these travel pics. The full set can be viewed on our Facebook…


Look inside Nomad Rugs

The guys from search giant Google send a photographer by Nomad Rugs recently. They took a bunch of shots of the inside of the store and inventory that show up in our Google Place Page. They also added this really cool feature where you can look inside the shot in a 360 degree interactive way….…


Now Sponsoring the Web’s Best Carpet Blog

Hi y’all. For several years I’ve been pointing you to Charles Recknagel’s fabulous “Tea and Carpets” blog via my links page. Now I have gone one step further by sponsoring this wonderful resource. Charles is not only a good writer with a keen interest in carpets but he also chooses unique and interesting perspectives from which…


Beautiful new Suzani Pillows

Just wanted to let you’all know we got a batch of beautiful Suzani pillows from Uzbekistan. These pillows are all stuffed and have a zipper on the back so you can take the pillow insert out for cleaning. I have always been a big fan of Uzbek Suzanis. These beautiful embroideries are the traditional craft of…


$150k Tekke found Dumpster Diving!

Wow! This makes for good TV! Check out San Francisco’s own Peter Pap describing this beautiful circa 1800 Tekke Asmalyk trapping. Antique Turkman rugs are passionately collected. In fact, some people claim that it is the Turkmen people who created the first knotted pile weavings. And one of the most most sought after textiles from the Turkmen…


Last Gasp for “The Great Gabbeh”

Sadly, the US has imposed new sanctions against Iran. This means, we are no longer able to import rugs woven in Iran. For years, my favorite rugs coming out of Iran have been the fabulous Gabbeh rug. These thick, colorful tribal beauties are woven with all natural dyes and shiny, silky wool. They work equally…

Antique Kilim

Incredible Batch of Beautiful Antique Persian Kilims

We just received a beautiful batch of incredible Persian kilims. A Persian friend of mine brought these back recently just before the reinstated embargo with Iran. The embargo was lifted on Iranian carpet imports in 2000 at the end of the Cliton administration only to be forced on us again now. On a little side-note….…

Deer in Rug

Rugs with Animals

I love the whimsical animals that you often find on tribal rugs. Sometimes they are hidden in the background and you have to hunt for them. Other times, they form a prominent part of the design. In any event, they are fun and playful! I thought I would share a few images of animals in…

Ocelot Textile

Great textile show at the DeYoung Museum

Howdy all! Just wanted to turn you onto a great textile show at SF’s DeYoung museum in Golden Gate Park. The show in entitled “To Dye For: A World Saturated in Color”. I love the title! Click here for the official website. Did you know that the SF DeYoung has a killer textile department with…

Rasberry Suzani

Suzani Rugs. Bold, beautiful and knotted, not stitched.

Over the last few months, we have been receiving some unbelievably beautiful “Suzani” rugs. What is a suzani? Good question! “Suzani” is the Persian word for embroidery. And in Uzbekistan, the art of embroidery  was taken to incredible levels. Uzbek women embroidered elaborate panels of vibrant silk thread into works of startling beauty. Older 19th…

Red Abrash

Pictures of Abrash

Abrash is the wonderful natural variation of color that one gets when using natural dyes along with handspun wool. Although it is possible to “fake” abrash using synthetic dyes by tie-dying the raw wool, it does not look the same as when produced with natural dyes. Also, when you use good handspun wool and synthetic…

Natural Dyes

Eco and Social Responsibility at Nomad Rugs

Nomad Rugs has been dedicated to eco and social responsibility since its inception in 1995. Our rugs are all natural! We specialize in rugs made with all handspun wool and natural dyes. Not only are these materials more beautiful to the eye and more durable underfoot, they are also more environmentally friendly. Hand made rugs are…