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San Francisco’s Marina district Motel Capri became the site of an extraordinary rug bazar! Long the site of informal rug business during the annual Caskey-Lees world class Tribal Arts and Textile Show the Motel Capri was home to the first (and hopefully annual!) Antique Rug and Textile show. “The Antique Rug & Textile Show (ARTS) is a co-operation between 35 antique rug and textile dealers and Jozan Magazine. Main organizer of the show is the international antique rug & textile dealer Michael Craycraft. Bertram Frauenknecht is co-organizer.”

Based on the dealers that I talked to (and on the reporting from Hali magazine) the show was declared a success! Many dealers mentioned that in addition to selling, they did some very good buying amoungst the dealers from Turkey, Europe, the USA and other distant locals. Pulling up to the Motel, it was extraordinary to witness the many 19th century rugs draped over 3 floors of motel banisters. It looked liked a camel caravan from the silk road had exploded in the carport! Anyway, thanks for all the hard work from the organizers and I hope you do it again!

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