Felt Pillow

Wonderful Felt Pillows

Just in! These wonderful felt pillows which were hand-made in Nepal. These wonderful colors and soft texture are sure to brighten up any San Francisco flat on the foggiest of days! These are filled with goose down for ultimate softness. I just love the “Rothko” quality of the designs in these wonderful textiles. I hope…


Modernist Kilims Inspire

Recently we have been receiving some interesting kilim rugs with a distinctly modernist look. I have always been a big fan of kilim rugs. Their flat woven technique lends itself to more graphic and bold geometric designs. Kilim carpets were particularly popular in the 80’s and 90’s but recently there seems to be a new…


Arts and Crafts Rugs Delight

We recently received a fresh shipment of our Arts and Crafts carpets handwoven in Pakistan. These fabulous rugs are based on mid/late 19th century to early 20th century European Arts and Crafts designs. The Arts and Crafts movement started in Europe in reaction to the heavy and somewhat oppressive esthetic of the Victorian movement and…

Overdye Carpet

Vintage Over-Dyed Rugs Make a Statement!

I love these vintage over-dyed rugs! Modern and ancient meet in these fine decorative rugs. Vintage and antique rugs are over dyed in vibrant electric colors. The result: amazing classic rugs that are reborn in rich wonderful color. The wear in these old rugs adds visual depth and texture. The ultimate in chic recycling. These…


Moroccan Beni Ourain Inspired Rugs!

We recently launched a new collection of Moroccan Beni Ourain inspired tribal rugs. These rugs are all hand knotted with natural un-dyed wool colors. The Beni Ourain are a tribe of Berber people from Moroccos Atlas Mountain Range. The Atlas Mountains can become very cold during the winter with snow fall a common occurrence. These…

Hello from Pakistan

Greetings from Pakistan

I am currently traveling in Pakistan sourcing new rugs and meeting with rug producers and designers. These buying trips are rich periods of creative exploration for me. It is enriching to meet with the people who oversee the creation of these beautiful rugs. And I enjoy collaborating with these craftsmen in the pursuit of creating…


What To Bring With You Rug Shopping

Greetings to all rug lovers! I just wanted to write a brief little note for all you rug shoppers and would-be rug shoppers with a couple of tips and recommendations. What to bring with you rug shopping. Hopefully you live in San Francisco can visit us at Nomad Rugs but these tips will apply to…

Marakesh Rug

Marrakesh Rug Collection

Check out these beautiful new rugs from India! They are woven in chunky and lustrous hand-spun wool in all natural wool tones and earthy warm tones. The designs from these rugs are inspired by the classic Beni Ourain Moroccan tribal carpets. These carpets are both modern and primitive. They are thick and warm. And they…


Bold and Bright Ikat Pillows

Just in from Uzbekistan direct to your home! These bright and colorful pillows are made from ikat fabric that was salvaged from deconstructed vintage Uzbek chapans (long coats). These pillows have been expertly stuffed with custom sized pillow inserts filled with goose down (thank you Cushion Works for your consistently wonderful work! Cushion Works is the…

Cool Blues

For 2012 Cool and Calm Carries On

Every year trends in color seem to shift and vary. One year I may sell dozens of rugs in a given style or colors whereas the next year the same rug does not sell nearly as well. It is hard to predict or anticipate so I am always looking for new styles and color combinations…

Suzani Rug

Delicious Suzani Carpet Just In!

Receiving a new shipment of rugs is an exciting activity at Nomad Rugs. Some rugs that we order take for than a year to produce. And when a shipment finally arrives I always end up feeling a bit like a kid on Christmas Eve. With each shipment there is typically one or two “favorite” rugs;…

Persian Carpet Flower

Persian Carpet Flowers

Recently I was visiting Petaluma when I stopped into the phenomenal Seed Bank. This place is amazing! It is packed with all kinds of heirloom and exotic seeds for fruits, vegetables and flowers. While there, I came across a flower I have never heard of before, the Persian Carpet. Well, needless to say, I was…

Hand Spun Wool

Photos of Hand-Spinning Wool

Handspun wool is a very important material found only in superior carpets. Wool that is spun by hand is more lanolin rich, has less broken fibers and remains stronger and more resilient over time. But maybe more importantly, handspun wool in rugs looks better than machine spun wool! Wool that is processed by machine spinning…

On The Loom

100 Year Old Photos of Rug Cultures

I recently came across this really fascinating book that was archived by Google in their digital book archives. This book was originally published in 1900 and this edition dates to 1915. The text is fascinating as it describes in some detail what was happening in the countries that produced rugs at the beginning of the…

Mamluk at the NY Met

Carpets at the Met

Recently I was in New York where I visited the newly re-opened Islamic Art Galleries. Actually, the re-done galleries are officially called “New Galleries for the Art of the Arab Lands, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia and Later South Asia“. Wow! Wanna try saying that five times fast….? Anyway, whatever you call them…. the New Galleries…


Indigo Dyeing

I just came across this great article from San Francisco’s de Young Museum regarding indigo dyeing. Indigo is a fascinating color. Did you know that when you dye wool with indigo it comes out of the dye bath looking yellow? Yes! It is when the dye reacts with the oxygen in the air that the…

Nomad Rugs Garage Days

Nomad Rugs the Early Years

When I started Nomad Rugs in 1995 I was on a shoe string budget! I did not have enough money to rent a storage space so I packed all my rugs into the back of the garage of my 24th St flat. Then, on the weekends, I would often set up “shop” on various street…

Seljuk Rug

New Seljuk Rug Captures My Heart

I have always been a big fan of Seljuk rugs, the Anatolian rugs from 11th to the 13th century. The first time I saw these carpets was when I visited Turkey in 1995. Since then, I always return to visit these rugs whenever I am in Turkey on buying trips. Here is a picture I…

Long copy

The Lengths We Go To

Just thought I would share this fun shot.

This rug was a little too long to fit on top of our 8’x10′. So, to get the shot, I propped up one end of the rug but lying underneath.

Hee hee. Thanks for looking. Chris

Felt Rug

Vintage Kyrghyz Felt Carpet

We recently acquired a very exciting vintage Kyrghyz felt carpet. These striking rugs are made by sewing together felted panels in the bold and emblematic designs that have been traditionally used by the Kyrghyz people for generations. We rarely come across these unique textiles so I was excited to share this striking find with you.…


Nomad Rugs in Batting One Thousand!

I am proud-as-punch to announce that our website now boasts over one thousands items! All of these rugs are currently in stock and in the store and ready for immediate delivery. This is the first time that our online inventory has reached one thousand items! …. Not bad for a guy that started in 1995…


Unique Kaitag Rugs

We are excited to share our unique Kaitag Collection rugs. These wonderful rugs draw their inspiration from embroidered Kaitag textiles. These are not traditional rug designs but textile designs that have been repurposed and redrawn to make these extraordinary rugs. Kaitag textiles originate from the Kaitag district of Daghestan. The abstract designs found in Kaitag…

Karaja Carpet

Killer Karaja Just In!

Once or twice a year I get a rug that makes me go “Wow!” You would think that after nearly 20 years of buying and selling rugs I would start to get a bit blasé about receiving new inventory…. No! I still am excited whenever new rugs come into the shop. But this stunning Karaja…

Stella at Nomad Rugs

Nomad’s Newest Quality Control Expert

Introducing Nomad Rugs’ newest quality control expert, Stella.

Stella, my wonderful niece, is always full of smiles!

Her frequent visits at Nomad Rugs helps us to ascertain that our rugs meet Stella’s stringent guidelines for softness and fun.

Thanks for all your help Stella!


Happy New Year!

From Chris, Chico and all the staff of Nomad Rugs we wish you a very Happy New Year! All the best for 2012! We welcome the Year of the Dragon. And if you live near the shop, stop by for a FREE 2012 “Woven Treasures” calendar. This beautiful calendar has a beautiful rug picture on…

New Shipment at Nomad Rugs

New Shipment Just Arrived!

Over two hundred new rugs just arrived from my recent trip to Pakistan! (Including this stunning 8×10 Mamluk rug pictured below.) Stop by to check out the new goods! We have new rugs in all sizes from 2×3 up to 10×14 as well as dozens of kilims. Highlights included an incredible antique Uzbek kilim in…

Patchwork Kilim

Congratulations Apartment Therapy Holiday Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations! Once again this year we have donated an item to Apartment Therapy for their Holiday Giveaway. This year the item was listed here on their Re-Nest site (Abundant design for green homes). This year the winner was awarded this beautiful patchwork kilim. These great kilims are assembled from fragments on old and antique Anatolian…