Jonah Roll Art

Jonah Roll fills Nomad Rugs with color and light!

We are pleased to be showcasing the art of Jonah Roll! Come check it out and check out more of his art on his website here! His magical and colorful style is a delight. Jonah spent much of his childhood on “the Flying Walrus”, a 42′ sailboat. You can see the influence in his paintings!…

Blue Mamluk Rug

The Mamluks have arrived!

The Mamluks have arrvied!!! For a while now, we have been stocking some superb examples of Mamluk rugs. What is a Mamluk rug? Good question! First, a little history. The word “Mamluk” is translated to “owned”. The Mamluk were a slave caste who were converted to Islam and served as soldiers under the the Muslim…

Bird Rug

The Chicken Has Landed

At Nomad Rugs “The Eagle Chicken has landed”!!! Check out these killer new rugs woven in Afghanistan. They are based on the classic “Bird Rugs” of the Luri, Khamsheh and Qashq’ai tribes of Iran. These rug are the inspiration of rug expert and author, James Opie. Animals, especially birds, often appear in the rugs of…

Ikat Rug

Cool New Ikat Rugs

You may have heard of Ikats? They are woven fabrics made using a complex tie-died method. This technique has been used primarily in Uzbekistan and Indonesia. Well, you may also know that the Uzbek Ikats (know there as “abr”) and Ikat designs have been inspiring western fashion designers who have been incorporating them into clothes.…

Capri Rug Show

Capri-cious Rugs!

San Francisco’s Marina district Motel Capri became the site of an extraordinary rug bazar! Long the site of informal rug business during the annual Caskey-Lees world class Tribal Arts and Textile Show the Motel Capri was home to the first (and hopefully annual!) Antique Rug and Textile show. “The Antique Rug & Textile Show (ARTS)…

Ersari Rug

A really cool small Ersari!

Check out this cool rug we just received from the Ersari weaving project! The Ersari rugs have long been some of the favorite rugs that we carry. In fact, I personally own one Ersari rug from this weaving project that resides in my living room. I also got the chance to visit the Ersari Project¬†when…


Treasure Creatures Art by Miguel Strong

Miguel Strong’s recent showing of art in Nomad Rugs’ Gallery was a blast! Check out Miguel’s astute art criticism here: Miguel is one of the outstanding citizens of the Bay Area and we were delighted to showcase his unique whit, warmth and creativity. For his “day job”, he can be found makin’ sweet music with…

Nomad Rugs Reviews

Reviews of Nomad Rugs

People are saying great things about Nomad Rugs! The internet has allowed a small independent rug store like Nomad Rugs to thrive! In addition to thousands of local customers, I am proud to say that I have hundreds of happy customers on the East Coast, the Mid West, the South, the West Coast… the whole…

Barakat at Nomad Rugs


We are pleased to carry rugs which benefit the non-profit organization Barakat. Barakat, which takes its name from the Arabic word for blessing, was founded in 1999 by Chris Walter and Habibulllah Karimi. The goal was to create educational opportunities for children in the rug weaving communities. Initially, this meant building and staffing schools and…

Jennifer Harris

Jennifer Harris Shows New Work

In part of Nomad Rugs’ ongoing showcase of local artist, we are pleased to present Jennifer Harris’ new works. Come and take a look at Jennifer’s work, showing through March 2008. I’ve been a big fan of Jennifer’s work since I met her first in the shop about 6 years ago. We got into a…