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Get ’em while their hot! These Mogoli kilims have long been a favorite at Nomad Rugs. In fact, I have trouble keeping these rugs in stock.

These kilims are woven in Afghanistan by the “Mogol” people from the Northern province of Baghlan. Only natural vegetal dyes and all handspun wool is used in these superior kilims. The designs are inspired by many weaving traditions including tribal Persian and Anatolian sources. These rugs have a textured meaty quality to them and the colors are honest and true. These kilims can fit in with just about any style of decor from modern SOMA loft to shabby chic cottage. We just got a dozen new pieces in stock. Stop by anytime to look. Thanks! Chris

Mogoli Kilim P1150948 P1150954 P1150963 P1150982 P1150993 P1160001

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