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We just received a beautiful batch of incredible Persian kilims. A Persian friend of mine brought these back recently just before the reinstated embargo with Iran. The embargo was lifted on Iranian carpet imports in 2000 at the end of the Cliton administration only to be forced on us again now. On a little side-note…. come-on US politicians! This embargo is a joke! All it does is punish the small rug importers and producers without attaining any real political results. It is just political showmanship that hurts “the little guy”. Ok. Enough of politics for now.

Anyway, this is likely the last batch of Iranian kilims I will get in a long time. In addition, the kilims from this group are stunners! Check out the images below. Kilim rugs (or “gelims” as they are called in Iran) were incredibly popular in the Eighties and into the Nineties. But in recent years, they have lost some of their popularity. What that means fro you and me is that prices have come down! Yes, antique kilims are probably going for about half of what they were going for at their peak in the late eighties. Some are speculating that kilims are coming “back in” but it is too early to call. In any event, I love kilims! In fact, I started my business by importing only good naturally dyed kilims from Turkey. I have always carried a nice stock of flat-woven rugs and intent to continue to do so. So, I am very happy to share this new shipment with you. Please enjoy! Chris, Nomad Rugs



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