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Check out this cool rug we just received from the Ersari weaving project!

The Ersari rugs have long been some of the favorite rugs that we carry. In fact, I personally own one Ersari rug from this weaving project that resides in my living room. I also got the chance to visit the Ersari Project when it was still situated in Pakistan some years ago.

What I love about this particular rug is the proportions! They were able to fit a wonderful Engsi design into a 2’x3′ rug! And, the rug looks perfectly balanced and well articulated! I am sort of a fan of 2’x3′ rugs. When done well, I find that a 2’x3′ rug is sort of like reading a great short-story. You can really fit a lot into a small “canvas”. But let’s face it, there are a lot of really boring small rugs (in fact, there are a lot of boring large rugs too). So, to find such a rug sort of excites me!

What is an Engsi? Good question: used to be, they were thought to be prayer rugs. Now, it is more commonly thought they were the door cover (or tent flap) of the Turkmen’s yurt. But, there is still some debate about this. Here is a great discussion of the subject.

In any event, I love the various Engsi designs! There is something strangely evocative about the directional design. And, on this particular piece there is the wonderfull camel elem (the bottom border of the rug) depicting a camel train.

What more could you ask for in a small rug woven? It is woven in a project that supports health care and education, it is woven with natural dyes, handspun wool and it is beautiful!

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Ersari Rug

Ersari Engsi

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