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Wow! This makes for good TV! Check out San Francisco’s own Peter Pap describing this beautiful circa 1800 Tekke Asmalyk trapping. Antique Turkman rugs are passionately collected. In fact, some people claim that it is the Turkmen people who created the first knotted pile weavings. And one of the most most sought after textiles from the Turkmen is the Tekke Asmalyk. The Asmalyk textiles are rare because they were created only as decorations for the camel that carried a new bride in a wedding procession. This one was “collected” in the garbage. I guess I will keep dumpster diving…. you never know what you might turn up! Keep hunting.  Chris

And meanwhile, if $150K sounds like a little too much for your budget, check out one of our new “antique” revival Asmalyks for a mere $295. Not quite the same thing I know but just think of saving yourself $149,705.00… hee hee.

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