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Over the last few months, we have been receiving some unbelievably beautiful “Suzani” rugs.

What is a suzani? Good question! “Suzani” is the Persian word for embroidery. And in Uzbekistan, the art of embroidery  was taken to incredible levels. Uzbek women embroidered elaborate panels of vibrant silk thread into works of startling beauty. Older 19th century embroideries are highly collected with better pieces reaching prices of tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But what does this have to do with rugs? Yes…. I was just getting to that. Well, some of today’s more creative rug producers began to look at  classic 19th century Uzbek suzanis and they said to themselves, “That is a beautiful design! Why not make a rug with that design?”. And that is exactly what they did. They made new rugs with beautiful Uzbek suzani designs. I almost imagine a 007 type rug producer pulling up to the bazar and requesting, “I’ll have one suzani, knotted, not stitched…. hold the olives.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there are some incredible rugs being made today! We are witnessing a rug renaissance. And these suzani rugs are a new breed of rug that I sometimes call “Hybrid Rugs”. Like the Ikat rugs that I previously wrote about, these rugs are inspired by traditional textile designs. There are a few other cool “hybrid” rugs around today that I will include in some latter blog posts including rugs that are modeled from traditional African textiles as well as Indonesian textiles.

It is cool to see the continuing evolution of rugs and rug designs. New rugs mining the rich field of traditional textiles and coming up with bold and beautiful pieces of woven wonder!

Here are some photos of some of our new Suzani rugs. Click on the image to take you to more info about the rug.

Thanks for looking! Chris, Nomad Rugs

Suzani Rug

Rasberry Suzani

Suzani Rug


PS: Here is a little musical bonus. Lyrics to the “Suzani Song” to be sung to the music of “My Sharona”. Just sing along to the Knack, use these words… or make up yer own.

Oh you little pretty one
You pretty one
Makin you musta took a long time

I’m a gonna make you mine

My, my, my, mine

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