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At Nomad Rugs “The Eagle Chicken has landed”!!!

Tribal Rug From James Opie Collection.

Check out these killer new rugs woven in Afghanistan. They are based on the classic “Bird Rugs” of the Luri, Khamsheh and Qashq’ai tribes of Iran.

These rug are the inspiration of rug expert and author, James Opie. Animals, especially birds, often appear in the rugs of the tribal and nomadic weavers of Iran and Central Asia. This makes perfect sense when you think about what a central role animals (and nature in general) played in the lives of these weavers.

I am absolutely delighted by these new rugs! Not only is the quality exceptional: glossy handspun wool, tight weaving and rich saturated natural dyes! But the “drawing” of the rug is also fabulous and tre to the originals: powerfully tribal yet whimsical and playful at the same time. I hope you like these rugs as much as I do.

Click on any image to take you to a full sized picture of the rug.

all my best, Chris

Update: Sadly, at this time James Opie has retired from this creative endeavor. However, his inspiration carries on to the new generation of rug producers.







Bird Rug

Peacock Rug

Gendje Rug

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