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ChicoNomadNomad Rugs has been dedicated to eco and social responsibility since its inception in 1995.

Our rugs are all natural! We specialize in rugs made with all handspun wool and natural dyes. Not only are these materials more beautiful to the eye and more durable underfoot, they are also more environmentally friendly.

Hand made rugs are one of the most sustainable products ever made. With some care, they can last for generations. In our age of throw-away products, it may seem odd to purchase an essential home furnishing that will last a century. But, when you buy a good hand made rug, you are buying a rug for a lifetime.

Additionally, we avoid selling rugs that have been distressed with harsh chemical treatments. These strong chemical treatments are often euphemistically referred to as “tea washing” or “henna washing” and purported to impart an “antique” look. We prefer to carry rug that have been naturally treated with only soap and water washes. And soft colors are made by using lesser amounts of the natural dye materials instead of by bleaching bright synthetic colors.

As a member of Care and Fair we are dedicated to selling rugs that are produced responsibly and without the use of illegal child labor. Additionally, through Care and Fair we provide support for education and health care for carpet knotting families. Our rugs are sourced from small cottage industry weaving workshops and not from large factory productions. In many cases, rugs are woven in the individual weavers homes. We cherish the cultures and artisans who create these extraordinary rugs. The weaving of these rugs rekindle and sustain indigenous traditions.

In addition to Care and Fair weaving projects, many of our Afghan and Indian rugs come to us through a not-for-profit organization called Barakat.

And most of our Tibetan rugs are purchased through the not-for-profit Machik rug weaving project. This is one of the few Tibetan rug projects that I am aware of that use all natural dyes in their rugs.

At Nomad Rugs, our rugs are made with all natural materials and safe and fair labor. Our rugs are beautiful because they are beautifully made.



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