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Hi y’all. For several years I’ve been pointing you to Charles Recknagel’s fabulous “Tea and Carpets” blog. Now I have gone one step further by sponsoring this wonderful resource. Charles is not only a good writer with a keen interest in carpets but he also chooses unique and interesting perspectives from which to write. To be frank, most articles I come across about carpets I find to be virtually unreadable. Who cares about s-spin and z-spin and depressed warps and asymmetrical knots open to the left? I don’t! But I am fascinated by the questions; “Could the silk road have existed without camels?“, “Who were the Sejuks?“, “How come Freud had a rug on his couch?”, etc.

A lot of good material here! Go pour yourself a cup of tea and check out this blog! Regards, Chris



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