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The Mamluks have arrvied!!!

Mamluk HorsemanFor a while now, we have been stocking some superb examples of Mamluk rugs. What is a Mamluk rug? Good question! First, a little history.

The word “Mamluk” is translated to “owned”. The Mamluk were a slave caste who were converted to Islam and served as soldiers under the the Muslim Arab Caliphs. Many of the these Mamluk soldiers were Circassians. On several occasions, they rose to power, overthrowing their retainers and for more than two centuries ruled over Egypt and Syria as the Mamluk Dynasty (1250-1517 AD).

During that time, the arts flourished. The age of the Mamluks is often referred to as a renaissance of Islamic arts. Mamluk rugs are particularly resplendent. These carpets can be described as having a sublime quality; more than just fine carpets, they are evocative works of art. Their remarkable composition of arabesques and geometric forms hint at the search to represent unity or singularity within complexity.

Some of my favorite rug producers have been successfully creating killer new Mamluks rugs! These rugs are being woven in Egypt, in Afghanistan, in India and in Pakistan. Check out some of these images. Click on the image for more info on the rug. And keep on rugging!

Regards, Chris

Mamluk Carpet

Allover Mamluk

Blue Mamluk Rug

Medallion Mamluk

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