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I recently came across this really fascinating book that was archived by Google in their digital book archives. This book was originally published in 1900 and this edition dates to 1915.

The text is fascinating as it describes in some detail what was happening in the countries that produced rugs at the beginning of the 20th century. It is well worth reading a few pages to get an idea of what things were like back then. The world has changed and continues to change at a starling pace. When this book was written, the author declares that “momentous changes have taken place in the Orient. The past decade has witnessed in Persia the downfall of a dynasty, and indeed the throne itself…. While these lines are being written the Turkish forts at the gateways of Constantinople are trembling under assault of Russian, French, and English guns, and the Ottoman power, after five centuries of guile and audacity, is turning its face again towards Asia….”.

The text is fascinating but there is more! There are some amazing pictures that illustrated this book including the pictures I have posted below. These fascinating pictures give a glimpse of the people and places that were involved in producing rugs in 1900. There are shots from Iran, Turkey, India and Kurdistan.

I hope you enjoy these shots and think about history. 100 years ago the world was a different place. Where will we be in another 100 years? All my best, Chris



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