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I am currently traveling in Pakistan sourcing new rugs and meeting with rug producers and designers. These buying trips are rich periods of creative exploration for me. It is enriching to meet with the people who oversee the creation of these beautiful rugs. And I enjoy collaborating with these craftsmen in the pursuit of creating new and unique carpets. Here are just a few photos. More to follow. Thanks for looking. Chris

Check out all our travel images on our NOMAD RUGS’ FLICKR PAGE.

Img_4243 Img_4245 Img_4257 Img_4262 Img_4264 Img_4270 Img_4280 Img_4288 Img_4297 Img_4311 Img_4327 Img_4332 Img_4339 Img_4344 Img_4351 Img_4353 Img_4355 Img_4370 Img_4373 Img_4377 Img_4394 Img_4398 Img_4401 Img_4440 Img_4444 Img_4446 Img_4475 Img_4481 Img_4483 Img_4484 Img_4485 Img_4487 Img_4488 Img_4493


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