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When I started Nomad Rugs in 1995 I was on a shoe string budget! I did not have enough money to rent a storage space so I packed all my rugs into the back of the garage of my 24th St flat.Nomad Rugs Garage Days

Then, on the weekends, I would often set up “shop” on various street corners around San Francisco and Marin. Often I would roll out a bunch of rugs on the sidewalk in front of my place on 24th and Guerrero Streets. But one of my favorite, and more lucrative, spots was the corner of Stanyan and Alma streets in Cole Valley (second picture below). My pals, Daniel and Steven, lived here. The folks in the neighborhood got to know me pretty well over time.

Nomad Rugs Street Sale

One of my best pop-up boutique locations ever was in the front yard of Sandy’s house in Bolinas, CA (Thank you Sandy!). The week before my sale, Sandy stuck up some fliers in Bolinas to spread the word. Well… I nearly sold out! The cool people of Bolinas loved my rugs! What fun!

I still have clients that visit me at my current shop who originally purchased rugs from one of my various “Sidewalk Shop” locations. Nomad Rugs was the original “pop-up” store.

Although I can’t say I miss those days, I sure can look back with fond nostalgia. Thanks for reading, Chris

Garage Gallery Of Nomad Rugs

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