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We recently received a fresh shipment of our Arts and Crafts carpets handwoven in Pakistan. These fabulous rugs are based on mid/late 19th century to early 20th century European Arts and Crafts designs. The Arts and Crafts movement started in Europe in reaction to the heavy and somewhat oppressive esthetic of the Victorian movement and the mass fabrication of the industrial age. With William Morris as its foremost proponent, the Arts and Crafts movement sought to reestablish the role of the craftsman creating unique and worthwhile objects of beauty by hand. Additionally, there was an emphasis on the integrity of fine materials over the embellishment of superfluous design. Furthermore, Arts and Crafts rugs were designed with a natural, curvilinear and even at times sensual appreciation of nature. In many ways, you can see design inspirations in Arts and Crafts carpets the inspired the somewhat more flamboyant Art Nouveau movement which grew in popularity until the First World War.

In any event, we have been receiving some absolutely gorgeous Arts and Crafts Carpets from our producer in Pakistan. These hand knotted rugs are made with a relatively fine weave and a beautifully textured hand spun wool. The colors are punchy and fresh and vibrant and fun. These wonderful rugs have a slightly transitional feel; equally modern and classic. I love them! I hope you do too. Here are a few examples. Plus, we have more to choose from. Stop by our rug shop in San Francisco’s Noe Valley. Or order online. Hope to see you or hear from you. Thanks! Chris, Nomad Rugs



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