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Just in from Uzbekistan direct to your home!

These bright and colorful pillows are made from ikat fabric that was salvaged from deconstructed vintage Uzbek chapans (long coats).

These pillows have been expertly stuffed with custom sized pillow inserts filled with goose down (thank you Cushion Works for your consistently wonderful work! Cushion Works is the place in SF to go to get stuffed! hee hee).

Some of these pillows have ikat on one side and a cream silk backing on the other side. But some of these pillows are double sided with spectacular ikat on both sides!

In any event, these pillows are glorious textile treasures in their own right! One of these pillows can add just the right accent of color or design “pop” in a minimalist room but they can work equally well in colorful rooms to add that extra eye dazzle! Or buy a half-dozen for a high-end pillow fight!

I think you will love these pillows! (I do!) Come by to check them out. Or, you can check out all our pillows here on our website. Thanks, Chris

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