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Over two hundred new rugs just arrived from my recent trip to Pakistan! (Including this stunning 8×10 Mamluk rug pictured below.)

Stop by to check out the new goods! We have new rugs in all sizes from 2×3 up to 10×14 as well as dozens of kilims.

Highlights included an incredible antique Uzbek kilim in an 8’x14′ size, an old Kirghiz felt rug and Afghan gabbeh rugs in natural un-dyed wool that is so soft that it feels like silk.

And, we have added several stunning new collections including the “Kaitag Collection” (rugs modeled on antique Kaitag embroideries), the “Arts and Crafts Collection” and a new line of “Contemporary Kilims”.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

And if you are an online customers, we will be adding ALL of our new rugs to our online store within the days to come.

Thanks, Chris

New Shipment At Nomad Rugs

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