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We recently launched a new collection of Moroccan Beni Ourain inspired tribal rugs. These rugs are all hand knotted with natural un-dyed wool colors.

The Beni Ourain are a tribe of Berber people from Moroccos Atlas Mountain Range. The Atlas Mountains can become very cold during the winter with snow fall a common occurrence. These thick and coarsely knotted carpets could be used as insulation and bedding against the cold mountain temperatures.

The free form designs in these rugs have a spontaneous and improvised quality that resonates with modern sensibilities. These rugs are spectacular in modern settings. But also, because of the natural and soft colors in these rugs, they work wonderfully with traditional decor as well.

Our “Beni O” rugs are made by Afghan weavers with Afghan hand spun wool. Some of these rugs have the long un-clipped shag pile. Some of these rugs have a shorter clipped pile. All of these rugs are gorgeous!

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