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People are saying great things about Nomad Rugs! The internet has allowed a small independent rug store like Nomad Rugs to thrive! In addition to thousands of local customers, I am proud to say that I have hundreds of happy customers on the East Coast, the Mid West, the South, the West Coast… the whole length and breadth of this nation! And, I have even reached clients as far away as Paris, Melbourne, London and Hong Kong to name just a few…

What are people saying about Nomad Rugs? Lot’s of good things! Thank you all for the favorable reviews! Take a look at these reviews and shop with confidence!

Here are some stellar reviews from Yelp.

And there are also some great reviews on Google.

And check out our Facebook for more positive vibes.


Thanks again everyone! I look forward to hearing from you or seeing you in the shop!


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