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We are pleased to carry rugs which benefit the non-profit organization Barakat. Barakat, which takes its name from the Arabic word for blessing, was founded in 1999 by Chris Walter and Habibulllah Karimi. The goal was to create educational opportunities for children in the rug weaving communities. Initially, this meant building and staffing schools and allowing the children to attend classes for free. Today Barakat continues to support the schools as well as taking on new projects such as providing physical exams for children who may have never been seen by a doctor before. Barakat is a registered non -profit organization.Barakatschool

Currently, Barakat supports seven schools, 22 literary programs for girls and several other education programs. A girls’ scholarship program is being established in Afghanistan to encourage girls to pursue secondary education. More projects will follow. Schools have been built in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. Click here to read Barakat’s mission statement.

The rugs that are woven in these communities and that benefit Barakat are truly stunning and unique works of art. Woven with all natural dyes and handspun wool, these rugs are amongst the finest that we carry.


Heriz          Dahgestan

Here are just a couple of the rugs we carry that are woven in cooperation and support of Barakat:

Fine Bidjar 8×10 Rug

Blue Trees 8×10

Blue Kuba 6×9

Soft Blue Verneh Runner

Stop by the store to see more of these exceptional rugs in person!

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  1. Hi Arati, I received this request recently. Could you follow up by contacting Kimberly and letting her know if this partnership is possible? Thank you, Eileen Jorgensen
    from Kimberly… I am working on a proposal for a POETRY ACROSS THE GLOBE UNIT for Grizzly Hill School students up on the Ridge. We’ve done it before through Dream a Difference international connections, with schools internationally also teaching POETRY and our kids recite and also see others around the world also recite which builds empathy, cultural awareness, and youthful connections across the globe. We don’t have that this year sadly. So, I’m looking for an international school to connect with for this UNIT.

    I know at Magic Carpet, you work with schools in India and Afghanistan, do you have any way to connect with them and ask if they would like to JOIN us to create POETRY together? I’m so disconnected with international schools these days, so I thought I’d ask you.

    Simply an email or contact would be great and then I could simply ASK and INQUIRE.

    Thank you for considering helping me out. Hope you are well,
    Kimberly Ewing
    Nevada County Arts Council, Program Director, Artists in Schools

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