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In part of Nomad Rugs’ ongoing showcase of local artist, we are pleased to present Jennifer Harris’ new works. Come and take a look at Jennifer’s work, showing through March 2008.


I’ve been a big fan of Jennifer’s work since I met her first in the shop about 6 years ago. We got into a interesting discussion about art and culture and she handed me her card with a great image of one of her pieces on the front. Right away, I knew I wanted to see her work in person and I am delighted to be showing it in our gallery.

I’m really impressed with the universal themes and the psychological depth of Jennifer’s paintings. But, at first glance, the images are bright, playful, almost naive and very approachable. Spend a little more time looking and feeling and you gain a deeper appreciation that there is a lot going on here. This is one of my favorite pieces from the show.

Her work invites us to explore and question with a playful and optimistic attitude. Thanks Jennifer!


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