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We are constantly selling and constantly in need of runners here at Nomad Rugs. San Francisco sure has a LOTs of hallways! I guess it is the Victorian and Edwardian architecture. There is the endearing “shotgun flat” with the 30+ foot long hallway. There are the classic Victorians with the entrance hallways that zig and then zag with 10 foot then 12 foot sections. There are the grant entrance stairways with the bedrooms off the hallway balustrade. There are a million different types of hallways and in between skinny spaces that call for narrow rugs and runners. San Francisco is a rug town! We need to chase away the chilling fog and the blustery winds with bright colors and warm wool. And San Francisco is most certainly a runner town! We had one client who bought a whopping 25′ runner for their upstairs hallway. They kept coming back looking for a suitable rug for their downstairs hallway. After months of searching we finally found a 24′ runner for their downstairs hallway!

I am constantly looking for runners in all lengths from 5′ long to 25′ long. Never enough hallway runners! Currently we have approximately 200 runner is stock. And recently, we received several different shipments netting us around 30 new runners! Lots of good stuff to choose from.

All of our runners reside here in our “Runner” section.

And here is a preview of some of our newest finds. Thanks for looking! Chris

We have “Modern” runners, classic runner, long runners , short runners, wide runners, short runners… all kinds of runners! Stop by to check em out!

Modern Runner
Modern Stripes runner
Classy Afghan Heriz runner
Kurdish design in this tribal runner.
Wowzer! Gorgeious Suzani design runner. They don’t get any better than this!
Ivory Heriz Runner
Karaja Runner
Long Karaja Runner
Short Kazak Runner
Beautiful Kuba Runner
Classy Mamluk runner.
Wide Moghan Runner
Dark Colored Tribal Runner
Beni Ourain Style Runner
Colorful and Gorgeous Kilim Runner
Modern Diamonds Runner
Chevrons Kilim Runner
Turkish Patchwork Runner… so colorful and fun!

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