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Modern rugs are hot right now! At Nomad Rugs, we have always carried modern rugs in our San Francisco showroom. However, within the last two or three years, the sale of modern rugs has tripled for us!

Modern Pink Heriz 8X10 Rug At Nomad Rugs In San Francisco
Modern Pink Heriz 8×10 rug at Nomad Rugs in San Francisco
Erased Mamluk
Erased Mamluk

In addition, there has been such a explosion in experimentation in modern rugs from using new materials and weaving techniques and experimentation in designs made possible from computer graphing of designs. The Tibetan rugs from Nepal have long been on the forefront of great modern rugs, but recently producers from India are creating some cutting edge new styles and techniques. And, in Afghanistan our weavers are creating wonderful rugs with innovative designs and textures.

Add to this the fact that today, nearly all rug producers are connected to the rest of the world by the internet. So, new ideas and designs propagate like wildfire from one continent to the next. The possibilities are limitless!

Here is a small selection of our modern rugs. To see a full selection, take a look here at all of our modern rugs currently online. Or if you live locally, stop by our San Francisco showroom to look at them in person.

Thanks, Chris

Modern Squares Rug From Afghanistan
Modern Squares rug from Afghanistan
Vortex Rug In All Natural Un-Dyed Wool
Vortex rug in all natural un-dyed wool
Crosstown Rug In Bamboo Silk From India
Crosstown rug in Bamboo Silk from India
Simple Green Stiles
Simple green stiles
Natural Gabbeh Rug
Natural Gabbeh rug
Star Dust Rug
Star Dust Rug
Atlas Rug. Mixed Weave Technique
Atlas rug. Mixed weave technique
Boxes And Squares
Boxes and squares


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