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MachikProceeds from the sale of our Zamling Tibet Project rugs benefit Machik. These gorgeous rugs are woven in Nepal with all handspun wool and natural dyes. With over 250 distinct colors derived entirely from natural plant sources. The wool is entirely hand carded and handspun wool lanolin rich Himalayan wool. The designs range from unique one-of-a-kind modern, to traditional Tibetan designs and the folksy Tibet village rug designs.

These Zamling Tibet Project rugs specifically support projects in Tibet through Machik. Machik (mission statement) is a non-profit organization working to develop new opportunities for education, innovation and humanistic empowerment on the Tibetan plateau. Founded by Losang Rabgey, Tashi Rabgey and Pencho Rabgey along with rug visionary Chris Walter. The work of Machik began with the creation of a school in Eastern Tibet which opened in 2002. This school not only provide education opportunities that did not previously exist, it also surpassed the educational standards of existing schools and has since gone on to become the model for education in the region.

With the success of the Chungba School, Machik has gone on to include a larger number of projects and initiatives. Amongst these are youth leadership, women’s initiatives and social entrepreneurship to name a few. This amazing project provides hope and opportunities for people living in uncertain circumstances.

Here are a few of the Zamling Tibet Project rugs that we carry.


Tibetan Folklive village rug at Nomad Rugs of San Francisco

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