Nomad Rugs is pleased to provide a wash and repair service.


We provide an expert hand-wash service for all rugs. Rugs are washed with soap and water. No harsh chemicals are used. The cost for wool carpets is $4.50 per square foot with a minimum charge of $40 per rug. Because of the additional care needed, Navajo rugs and wool/silk blend carpets cost $5.50 per square foot. All silk carpets cost $7.95 per square foot to wash.

Not only do clean rugs look better but clean rugs also last longer! It is generally recommended that your hand knotted or hand woven rug be washed every three to five years. And although a rug may not look dirty it still could be dirty. If you whack a corner of your rug and dust poofs out, it is time to wash your rug!

Here is a list of rates for cleaning all wool carpets (Navajo rugs, wool/silk blend or all silk rugs necessitate an additional charge):

  • 2’x3′ or smaller $40 minimum per rug.
  • 3’x5′   $68
  • 4’x6′   $108
  • 5’x7′   $158
  • 6’x9′   $243
  • 8’x10′   $360
  • 9’x12′   $486

Bring your rug by the shop and we will have it ready for you in one to two weeks. Pet stains or other severe stains will necessitate an additional charge. Please pick up your rug within 30 days of your drop-off date as a storage fee will be added to your total for rugs held longer. Storage fees are $2.00 per item per day. We regret that we are unable to provide home pick-up or delivery service for rug washing and repair. For suggestions on what to do in the event you spill something on your rug, check out this write-up.


For small repairs, bring your rug by the shop for an estimate. Most repair jobs are completed within two weeks. Typical repair jobs include securing lose fringe, rebinding worn edges and securing or reweaving small holes. Rugs must first be washed by our team before any repair work can begin.


Nomad Rugs can also provide restoration for antique rugs. For decades, we have worked closely with our repair people in Konya, Turkey to execute expert repairs. Rugs with large holes, lost pile or severe damage can all be restored. Because of the skill, time and cost required for these larger jobs, we prefer to have this work done in Turkey.  Not all damaged rugs are ideal candidates for repair so feel free to consult with me regarding your specific needs. Restoration projects typically require at least six months.

For more on the care of your rug take a look at our write-up on Oriental rug care.

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