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What is a kilim?

A “Kilim” (also called “gelim” in Iran or “dhurrie” in India) is a flat-woven Oriental rug, made much like Navajo rugs, without pile. These are hand woven in a tapestry weave and mostly made with wool fibers. They don’t generally last as long as the thicker hand knotted pile carpets (perhaps an average of about 25 years compared to 50-80 years of use for a hand knotted pile carpet) and they cost considerably less. Kilims have traditionally been woven in all the major rug weaving countries such as Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan as well as North Africa and India. Kilims tend to have a more graphic look and an informal feel. I personally really love kilims because they were often not woven for commercial export. They tend to retain the oldest and most traditional designs/colors and an authentic/archaic sensibility. We do also have new kilims with wonderful contemporary and minimalist designs too! Check out our selection of kilims here.