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Are finely knotted rugs better than others?

No… not really. A rug that is more finely woven (with more knots per inch or KPI) is not necessarily a better rug. A finer weave allows for more detail and smaller designs. Curved lines in a rug’s design can be “drawn” more smoothly and gracefully in a rug with many knots per square inch. It is the same thing as pixels in a picture. More pixels in an image allow for more detail and clarity. But it must be said that fine knotting alone does not make a rug good.  I have seen many finely woven yet unattractive rugs. Also, a fine weave simply is not appropriate in certain kinds of informal tribal or village rugs. It is more important to consider each rug individually. When judging a rug, the overall qualitative nature of the materials, the workmanship and the balance of designs/colors are more important than the easily quantifiable KPI.