Every year trends in color seem to shift and vary. One year I may sell dozens of rugs in a given style or colors whereas the next year the same rug does not sell nearly as well. It is hard to predict or anticipate so I am always looking for new styles and color combinations to see what might excite our clients. And more importantly, I only acquire rugs made with integrity from good materials and fair labor.

Although this year I continue to sell a lot of richly saturated tribal rugs in dark reds, blues and greens I have noticed a new trend: people have been loving the all natural un-dyed wool carpets in grays and browns and tans. In addition, the cool and calm blues and blue/grays seem very popular at present; colors that I describe as having a very “Zen” quality.

Here are a few samples from our current inventory to give you some ideas. Click on the pictures to take you to more images and information of each rug. And thanks for looking! Chris


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