Receiving a new shipment of rugs is an exciting activity at Nomad Rugs. Some rugs that we order take for than a year to produce. And when a shipment finally arrives I always end up feeling a bit like a kid on Christmas Eve.

With each shipment there is typically one or two “favorite” rugs; rugs that for some reason catch my eye and imagination. Then, every six months to a year there is a rug that just takes my breath away; a rug that is visually interesting and balanced; a rug with radiant color; and a rug that is well woven with outstanding wool. A rug that meets all of these criteria only comes around so often…. and we just got one in!

This gorgeous suzani rug just blew us away. We left this one on the top of our 8×10 pile and every time Tora (the store manager here) walked by and could hear him saying to himself, “Beautiful”.

Yes, it is beautiful! Come by the shop to take a look! Thanks, Chris

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