You may have heard of Ikats? They are woven fabrics made using a complex tie-died method. This technique has been used primarily in Uzbekistan and Indonesia. Well, you may also know that the Uzbek Ikats (know there as “abr”) and Ikat designs have been inspiring western fashion designers who have been incorporating them into clothes. They have also been showing up as furniture upholstery.

And now, Uzbek Ikat is used as the design source to create unique and beautiful rugs! Very cool. Well, actually, there is some thought that Ikat designs have been influencing rug design (and vice-versa) in Central Asia for hundreds of years. But, it is new to see such faithful recreations of Ikats done in naturally dyed pile rugs made in Afghanitan. Very cool stuff! Personally, I love these new rugs! There are a few rug producers that I know who have been playing with this idea. I am lucky to have recently acquired some fabulous examples of this new cross pollination art!

Check out some of these beauties!! (the rugs I mean!) Click on a rug image for more info and additional images.

Stop by the shop sometime and check out the new Ikat rugs!

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Ikat Rug6138



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