Great batch of new Mamluk rugs in stock.

We just received a nice batch of beautiful Mamluk rugs. These thick and wonderful rugs are made in India. We received all sizes from 2×3 up to 9×12 as well as runners. Stop by to check them out. These rugs don’t last! Thanks, Chris




Chico the Shop Dog

Just wanted to share this great shot of Chico, Nomad Rugs’ shop dog extraordinaire!

Almost twelve years old now, he’s been coming to the shop within me since I adopted him at 6 months old.

Thanks for looking. Chris

Chico at Nomad Rugs


After Eight Years New York Shows the Rugs!

After Eight Years New York Shows the Rugs! The Met is a great museum. And it has just gotten better! They just opened their totally redone “Arts of the Islamic World” gallery. It used to be that whenever I travelled to New York, I would wander into the Met to view the spectacular rugs they…